About Us

Few bands show true innovation when considering themselves a ‘concept’ band. Many get roped in to playing the same mind numbing songs that you can hear any night – in any club – anywhere in the world. Run For Covers, from day one, made a vow to not cave to fit the norm and bring something truly new to the club circuit.

Time in and time out, Run For Covers is praised by bar staff and patrons alike for bringing something fresh to the table… and making it work. Few bands could successfully pull off Danzig and Justin Bieber in the same set, but Run For Covers loves to bring that type of diversity to their shows.

Always putting on a high energy and fun stage show, along with unexpected song selections that include everything from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, to Top 40 and Viral Hits, Run For Covers works hard to deliver a unique party atmosphere.


Matt Corona – Vocals

Dave Fazzina – Bass

Cody Peixoto – Guitar

Chris Chilton – Guitar

Buddy Procopio – Drums


Earl Delbonis – Guitar

Dave Andrade – Guitar

Rusty Calise -Drums

Mark Toolin – Guitar

Jesse Geyer – Guitar

Hamilton Pupo – Guitar


Justin Costa – Drums

Joseph “DJ Judah” Guidici – DJ/Vocals

That cop from the St. Patricks Day Parade – Drums

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